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Escort and Relax for Lady

About me

Greetings lovely ladies! I'm Max Night. An intelligent and courteous gentleman.

I provide professional escort services for women, escort to events, organization of recreation, romantic dates, massage and spa.

Sexologist, practitioner, therapist with an original approach. I work in the field of body therapy aimed at understanding female sexuality and gaining confidence.
Disclosure and understanding of your desires.

Why me?

Features of my services and philosophy of my work
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    Intelligence and manners

    I come from an intelligent family: my father is a design engineer, my mother is a piano teacher. I myself have three higher education degrees. Technical, management, psychology. I'm well-read and travel a lot.

    I offer you the opportunity to spend time in the company of a personable and intelligent companion. I am a serious man, I know my job very well and I am responsible for it. Every client of mine is satisfied.
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    Name and reputation

    I work for my reputation, my name and my brand.

    Reputation is long and difficult to build, and very easy to lose. Therefore, I am responsible for my words, for what is written on this site and for my actions. If you are unhappy with my services, I will not hesitate to refund your funds.
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    Drop your embarrassment!

    Many women are ashamed of themselves or believe that age or employment blocks them from the joys of life.

    It doesn't matter to me, you can be natural with me! I insist on this! I accept a woman as she is. This is what I see as my mission: to help you accept yourself and feel welcome.
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    Healing the feminine.

    A woman's awareness of her sexuality faces a huge number of barriers. Modern life makes a woman lose her femininity. There are many attitudes of shame, guilt from society, from religion, from parents. Because of this, women are “in their heads” and spend their energy on reflection and soul-searching.

    I will help you find your sexuality and discover yourself. Explore different facets of your “I” and come to an understanding of your own desires. Reject the thoughts that bother you: your task is not to look for love, but to find the obstacles that have protected you from it!