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Frequently Asked Questions

I am always ready to answer any questions from clients: work and personal. In correspondence, by phone and video calls.

Here I have collected the most common ones.
I hope you find it interesting and think
To learn more.
Max, why did you decide to become an escort?

I enjoy female company much more than male company. I can even call myself a feminist. It’s easier for me to find a common language and interests with women: I love to travel, I’m interested in art and design, and I cook very well.

And over time, I began to understand: the way I communicate, my manners, courtesy, and style are very popular with my interlocutors and guests.

I thought why not. The best job is to monetize your hobby.
What is included in your services?

I charge for time: an hour, two, a night, etc. What we do is entirely at the discretion of the client.

Romantic date, communication, professional massage. I am a great cook and can organize a fabulous dinner.

The longer they book, the more communication, romance, walks and visits to interesting places and events.
TWhat is your height, weight and other parameters?

Height 175, weight 75 kg. Brunette, gray-blue eyes.
I am 33 years old
According to the horoscope - Capricorn. I don’t believe in mysticism, but what is written about this sign (carefulness in detail, dedication, responsibility, punctuality) is all about me.
Confidentiality and security are the basis of your work! How are things?

The meeting with me is a complete secret. I guarantee it.
I regularly take all necessary tests and provide certificates upon request!
What if they don’t like your services?

In a business that is built on the provision of services, reputation plays a key role. You can spend a lot on advertising and promotion, but the business will only become “real” when regular customers appear and word of mouth starts working; when the business will be provided with a reputation.

I work for my reputation, my name and my brand.

Reputation is long and difficult to build, and very easy to lose. Therefore, between money and reputation, I will always choose reputation. No money is worth a reputation. And if such a situation arises, I will refuse the money without hesitation.

This serious attitude to work sets me apart from everyone else who offers escort services.
Do you have an age limit? What if the client, for example, is embarrassed about her body?

The only restriction is 18+, no more! Every age is beautiful in its own way. I have noted this many times.

There is no need to be shy in my company. I will accept you as you are. I will help you throw away the feelings that are holding you back and open the way to pleasure.